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Little Plearn (Shattuck location) is a mom-and-pop hole in the wall. We are family of the original Plearn and keep serving authentic Thai food for 30 years!


Did you know, Plearn has been a name in Berkeley for over 30 years? She opened a small little hole in the wall joint on University Avenue in 1982. Shortly after a few years, she realized she needed more room and moved down the street to a larger location right next door to the UC theaters.


Finally retiring, she has left her mark on many customers and mentored many in those years.

Since 2000, Little Plearn Thai Kitchen on Shattuck Ave, has continued the Plearn name with her recipes and influences.Occasionally Plearn, herself will show up to check things out and keeps the Kitchen on track.

Her favorite curries and taste have not changed in years. Little Plearn Thai kitchen still continues to make curries from scratch, soups are made to order and salad dressings are from a bottle. This takes time but we wouldn't have it any other way. That also means spice levels are out of our control. Fresh Thai chile produce we get every other day will determine the spice level. Need it hotter, then homemade hot sauce is available to bring up the heat. Welcome to Little Plearn Thai Kitchen! We hope you enjoy our Thai American family recipes.


Little Plearn

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